I strongly recommend encrypting emails. Why? Because I'm a privacy freak. PRISM scares me. I don't want any government employee to be able to warrantlessly search through my emails. So, I want to encrypt them using OpenPGP (GPG). There's one small problem with that, though. In order to encrypt a message, you need the reciever's public key. Which means the reciever has to use GPG as well. Because of this, I recommend that everyone I know set it up. And it's not hard. Lifehacker has a great guide on it, and it can be found here.

Please don't send me any unecrypted emails any more as they are a breach in my privacy as well as yours.

My PGP keys have changed because I switched operating systems without backing them up. If you want to find them, I have uploaded them to pgp.mit.edu to prevent MITM attacks. So, follow that link, and search for my email address, and then import it into your PGP client!